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Wikipedia; Drum Barracks Civil War Museum

United Checker Cab offers you fast and friendly taxi cab service to areas in and around Los Angeles, including Wilmington.  If you need reliable transportation from Wilmington to any area airport or just a taxi ride to other locations in the city, United Checker Cab can help!  Our courteous and professional drivers are always ready to meet your transportation needs with reliable cab service.

Wilmington - Beautiful History

Wilmington is an area in southern Los Angeles that enjoys the benefits of proximity to the ocean as well as easy access to the rest of the metropolis.  Wilmington is a lovely reminder of a simpler time in Los Angeles with its beautiful landmarks.  Today, many young people call Wilmington home, and the neighborhood's proximity to Long Beach ensures a strong multicultural influence.

United Checker Cab serves the Wilmington area every day, taking passengers to and from the area to airports and other destinations in southern Los Angeles and throughout the area.

Where To Go In And Around Wilmington

Visitors to or from Wilmington can enjoy several points of interest in the area, and United Checker Cab serves them all!  While you are in the neighborhood, be sure to see:

  • The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.  The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum is a tribute to the interesting military history of this area.  Wilmington is the site of several important Civil War military locations, including this museum that includes a look at the history of the Union soldier and his lifestyle.
  • U.S. Army Headquarters for Southern California and Arizona during the Civil War. The Drum Barracks is part of the compound that included the headquarters for the United States Army in southern California and Arizona during the Civil War.  History buffs will be fascinated by the intriguing story of this region and its role in the war effort.
  • The Banning House.  This lovely location offers a look back at the maritime history of the entire southern Los Angeles area as it existed 100 year ago.  Both the house and grounds are open to the public.

With these and other interesting sites to explore, a trip to Wilmington can become an adventure in traveling back in time!  Contact United Checker Cab if you want a fast, reliable and friendly ride anywhere in the Wilmington area.

Getting To and Around Wilmington

Whether you fly into the Los Angeles International Airport or LAX, or choose to fly to the Long Beach airport, you are welcome in Wilmington!  United Checker Cab routinely picks up and drops off in Wilmington from both airports as well as other spots throughout the area. 

You can arrange for your cab ride quickly and easily with our simple methods of booking your United Checker Cab.  Call us on the phone, text us with your request or go online for quick and easy booking in advance.  No matter how you choose to arrange your trip, our friendly and professional drivers will get you where you are going quickly and reliably!